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Bouyean is one of most professional manufacturers for Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet and Welding Machine. Bouhung is one of most professional manufacturers for Automotive chargers and Automotive Emergency Power Supply. Currently, our abundant technology, precious testing equipment, well-equipped facilities and great quality control process enables us to offer as widest assortment of models in product lines from low to high levels as possible to meet different clients’ demands. Bouyean’s and Bouhung’s market shares are constantly growing under strong sales team and assistance from two overseas subsidiaries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia by Customers’ well satisfaction with our best quality control, super sales service, positive after-sales service. Bouyean and Bouhung is committed to provide qualified products and superior service to customers all over the world, which is our constant aim and unlimited pursue.

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Адрес: Weena-Zuid 130, 3012 NC Rotterdam
Телефон: 0031 10 799 74 30
E-mail: hx188@zjhxcb.com

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