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Stepanov Valeriy
Executive Director
ООО "Шурторк"

The company SureTorq (SURTRK), founded in 1995, is the largest enterprise engaged in the development, design and production of drill bits, accessories for power tools and hand tools, as well as the production of tool sets. The company's head office in Tianjin, headquartered in Hong Kong, factories located in different cities of China, sales office in Canada and representative office in Russia formed a unified network of production, sales and provision of services in the international market. Currently, more than 80% of our production is supplied to markets in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and other countries. Automated and modern equipment and inspection equipment were produced and used in accordance with the international specifications and standards such as ANSI, DIN, ISO.Thanks to the efficient organization of the production process, using advanced technology and strict quality control, our products have great reputation in the world market. We sincerely hope to establish honest, successful and effective cooperation with You!

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Address: Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita Pogranichnaya street., 7

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