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Krug Michael
Sales Director
Günter Wendt GmbH

Günter Wendt is a family-held, privately owned manufacturer of professional tools for grinding, cutting, finishing and polishing, based in Germany. Electrical tools, such as our FPM 230 along with its accessories offers solutions for a wide range of demanding, cleaning, sanding, finishing and polishing applications. Wendt products are successfully used in many different industries, from Aerospace over Automotive to shipyards, metal fabrication, maintenance and repair operations and construction. Our range is completed with Felt Polishing Tools patented by Wendt for producing up to a mirror finish! Wendt can manufacture also special custom designed products to meet the highest demanding application.

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G-WENDT – The world of abrasives

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Address: Werner-von-Siemens Str.5, D-51570 Windeck-Rosbach, Germany
Fax: +49 2292 9140-40

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G-WENDT – 3 Step Finishing Kit