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Generator ELECTROLITE 3500
Rated power 3000 W, 230 V, fuel tank 15 liters 69 dB, 45kg.
This model is equipped with a control system, control and safety (oil level sensor, fuel level sensor, automatic voltage regulator, short circuit protection and overload, voltmeter), which allows to efficiently operate the device.Thanks to their compact design and adequate performance, gasoline generator ELECTROLITE 3500 is successfully used where at the moment there is no electricity, but there is a need for connecting the electrical load of appropriate power (power, communications, office equipment, household appliances, etc.). These places include the country house, as well as construction sites, offices, hospitals, mobile workshops etc. Portable generator 3500 ELECTROLITE manufactured using modern technology and materials gave the opportunity to certify it meets the rigorous requirements for quality and safety, adopted in Russia and Europe.