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Cheng CoCo

AIRBOSS AIR TOOLS CO., LTD. is professional at developing and manufacturing professional pneumatic tools in Taiwan. In order to produce more stable pneumatic tools with higher precision, we have adopted the modern CNC Machines and the newest, world-wide leading and super vacuum-foundry technology. Our manufacturing is implemented with the most advanced equipment among JAPAN, SWITZERLAND and TAIWAN under the best processing conditions employed by these countries and area, just to make users handier to use, and create value for customers. In developing and designing, in order to create an unique technical expertise and better quality products, we continue innovating and manufacturing the industrial pneumatic tools which are applicable to product-assembling lines, and we also won the invention patent certificate of United States, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan and other advanced countries.

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Address: No. 1688, Zhongke Rd, Xitun Dist. Taichung City, Taiwan